Changing your settings

You can view your account settings by selecting "Settings" from the account menu:

There are a number of settings which you can change at any time:

  • Change Username - You can change the web address of your page. This will also change the username you use to login with.

  • Change Name - You can change your first name and last name. This is not visible to your audience. We use it so we can address you properly in emails and prefill information on forms.

  • Change Email - You can change your email address. Make sure you use a valid email address.

  • Change Password - You can change your password. If you make a mistake you can always recover it later.

  • More Options - These are more options which allow you to set your preferences:

    • Adult Content - This helps us protect underage people from viewing this content.

    • Hide from Search Engines - This can be used to stop your page showing in search engine results such as Google and Bing.

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